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My daughter Denny has been enjoying therapeutic horseback riding since year 2000.  She is so eager to ride that she has overcome her fear of falling when she's riding.  There is such joy to see her take ownership of an activity, listening to and complying with your instructions so that she can show off her riding skill to her brother, sisters, nieces and nephews.  She dresses up in her riding outfit and is "proud as punch"!  Thanks for your TLC(tender,loving,care) and direction.  -Lena Vander-Heyden


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Touchstone Farm is a very    special place to me. I have  been riding and volunteering there for 12 year now.  The connection between horse, rider, volunteer and instructor is extremely warming. You can be having the worst day at school or work, then come to this place and have all your problems disappear.  Touchstone Farm is a magical place and I am very thankful to have gotten the opportunity to be a big part of this farm! -Jessica Dickey


Horse power is a great place to meet people and just make your family bigger. I have been volunteering for almost 4 years now and well I have a family at home and then you have a family at the barn. With such amazing people and riders it makes it so you can’t wait to go back that next week. This barn is an amazing place to learn, laugh, and grow. Which I have seen firsthand watching all the ITC's go through their experience and watch as new instructors grow in their individual ways of teaching. The people and the animals at the barn make you laugh when you have had a bad day and they all love to watch their volunteers and riders grow as I have.  ~Chelsea P


Touchstone Farm is a great educational experience whether you’re looking to ride or to volunteer. For horse-crazy people like me, it’s a great way to interact with horses without having the responsibility of owning one. I have learned so much about these amazing animals, and I continue to learn more every week I go to the farm.


Horse Power means everything to me. I absolutely love volunteering there. Horses are my passion, and I love working with them and being around them in general. It’s such a blessing to be able to volunteer there. I wouldn’t want to give it up for anything. -Julie Leone


I’ve been volunteering at Touchstone Farm for about two years, and ever since I started working I’ve always been welcome throughout Touchstone. Touchstone Farm is an amazing place I am so privileged to be able work there. -Megan Sones


In the years our now 12 year-old son has been involved with Horse Power, he has learned to show greater empathy for animals and people. He looks forward to riding and interacting with the horses and his lesson is on of the highlights of his week.