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Touchstone Farm offers the opportunity to have a partial lease on one of our fabulous horses or ponies for our lesson program students.


In addition to your regular lesson, you can have either one or two practice rides at a scheduled time! All riders must be evaluated to ensure they are able to tack, ride, and turnout independently. Lease cost includes 1/2 or 1/4 board, costs of farrier and vet are shared proportionally. Each leasor must take a minimum of 3 lessons each month, billed separately.


All riding must be done within normal business hours so that qualified staff is nearby if needed. Parent attendance is required until the rider demonstrate the ability to be independent throughout their time on the farm. Supervised trail rides will also be available.




Monthly 1/2 lease:

-One lesson (paid separately) and two practice rides each week. Farrier and vet costs shared.                                                         $325


Monthly 1/4 lease:

-One lesson (paid separately) and one practice ride each week. Farrier and vet costs shared.                                                            $225


We also have a work to ride program for a select group of students who qualify as Assistant Instructors due to age and experience. Contact us at or call for more information at 603-654-6308.