Pony Farm Camp Families Newsletter May 2017


May 2017


Dear Camp Families,


Camp is a few short weeks away and we are busy getting ready for your arrival!  The horses are working on getting into shape after a tough winter.   We have more horses and ponies arriving daily to make sure they are just the right fit for camp.  Our grounds crew is busy cleaning up the property and getting it ready for summer!  Tammy is also busy at the lodge sprucing it up for camp!

Baby Jackson – If you haven’t heard already, Becky, our camp director, had her baby on March 30th at 2:19 pm. His name is Jackson Ransom Hawkes and he weighed 8 pounds and 5 ounces and was 22 inches long.  The whole family is doing great!  Jackson is looking forward to spending his summer at camp!       

Camp Forms –   Camp forms are due June 1st.  Please do strive to have your forms in on time.  This allows us to get them all organized and processed before your camper’s arrival.  These forms effect horse matches, riding groups, room placement and allows our staff to get to know your camper before she arrives. Please find all of the camp forms at the link below – https://www.touchstone-farm.org/camp-forms/


Packing List – Please find the packing list at the link just below.



Balance Due – Just a friendly reminder that the balance is due for camp on May 1st.  You can make payments on-line.  Here is the link to make your payment online, if you still need to do so.



Reminder, there is a 4% processing fee to pay online 


You can also write a check payable to Touchstone Farm and mail to 13 Pony Farm Lane, Temple NH 03084. 


If you have questions about your balance, please contact our bookkeeper Kim Borges.  She can be reached at kborges@touchstone-farm.org


Website – We are working on improving our website.  Everything you need to know for and about camp from packing lists, to contacting your camper, even pick up and drop off times will be found under the Pony Farm section.

However, if you feel we are missing something, please contact Becky Hawkes as she is always looking for ways to improve the process and/or make it more user friendly. Sometimes we are just too close and can’t see the forest between the trees!  You can email her at bhawkes@touchstone-farm.org


Show Team – We are trying to stream line the process for everyone!  The sign up for the Show Team is a little different this year.  The sign up is in the camp forms under the Camper’s Release and the Financial Release, please be sure to check off each box.  In order to do the Show Team you will need to have your camp forms in and marked correctly by the Wednesday before your session starts. 

There is a lot of coordinating that goes into the away Show Team events with horses, lessons, registrations for the show, and shipping of the horses and ponies; therefore, we will not be accepting late sign ups.    

The show team is optional and limited to 15 campers per session.  Here is the link on our website with more information about the Show Team – http://www.touchstone-farm.org/pony-farm-horse-shows/  

If you have questions about the Show Team you can always contact Andi Snow, our Equine Trainer, asnow@touchstone-farm.org


Tours – If you are a new camp family and haven’t been up for a tour, we highly encourage it!  We find that camp tours are very helpful in getting campers and their families ready for camp and know what to anticipate and expect when they are here!  Tours are available by appointment!  Contact Becky to set one up! bhawkes@touchstone-farm.org

Social Media – Check us out online!  

  • Blog    http://www.touchstone-farm.org/blog/    You will find our blog located on the Touchstone Farm Website under News. Please be sure to view periodically for updates and others goings on at the farm and with camp!

Lastly, if you just plan can’t wait ‘til camp gets here, then come up to our Horse Capades event on Sunday, June 11th!  Here is more info in a Facebook Event –https://www.facebook.com/events/1136266979829578/

We can’t wait to see you this summer!  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns before camp gets here!   



Becky, Meg, and Boo and the rest of the Crew!

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