Pony Farm Away Horse Show Information

  • 13925878_10155162527209251_1848077017804091699_oWhat is the Pony Farm Away Show Team?

The away show team is offered to campers as an opportunity to sharpen their riding skills and participate in off-site horse showing during their stay at camp,  It is also for those who show at home and would like to keep their competitive edge! We attend away horse shows which offer a wide variety of classes and competition (though this varies somewhat depending on the camp session), and strive to provide everyone with a positive, rewarding experience.

Participation in the away show team is optional.  Campers who choose to participate should understand that they will miss out on some other camp activities by attending the extra lessons and horse show during their chosen session(s). While we aim to not interfere with other major camp traditions, campers can typically expect to miss a morning group lesson because they will be having a lesson with Andi, our Equine Manager and Trainer, and  an afternoon activity to do horse show prep  per away horse show.   Please note that there is not an away horse show for every session.  Sessions which do not feature a horse show will not have a show team practice/lesson.

  • How do I sign up?

We  need to be able to plan the logistics (horse use, transportation, etc.) – the away show team will be limited to 15 riders per away horse 13958296_10155162529969251_1222404135248215967_oshow, on a first come, first serve basis. You must be signed up the Wednesday before your sessions starts; no exceptions will be allowed.  All the paperwork is included in the Camp Forms, under the Financial Permission section.  If you have specific questions about the show team please contact Andi Snow, our equine trainer, at asnow@touchstone-farm.org

  • How much does it cost?
  • Coaching  – $80 (Coaching is per rider and includes trainer schooling of the horse/pony if needed/requested.)
  • Braiding (mane only) – $50 (Braiding and shipping fees will be SPLIT if two riders are sharing a horse.  Coaching fees are per rider. )
  • Entry Fee – Entry fees for the horse shows can vary.  Typically, riders will enter 3-5 classes.  Classes usually cost around $12/each.  There is also a warm up for riders who jump ($10), and a small office fee (usually around $5).  
  • Shipping (Transporting the horse) – VARIES. Generally $75 -$125 round trip.  (Shipping costs depend on the distance and duration of the horse show.  Most shippers charge per mile.  We choose horse shows within a reasonable distance from Pony Farm to help keep the cost affordable.)
  • In general, you should expect the away horse show day to cost around $375 total.  You will need to leave an open check with your camper’s camp forms made out to Touchstone Farm.  Please note this is very standard practice in the horse show world.  The amount will be filled in after the horse show by our bookkeeper.  She will send you an invoice to notify you of the amount the check was filled in for.
  • If a camper signs up for the away horse show and then pulls out, the family will still be charged the shipping expense.
  • 13975521_10155162532624251_6770467644273268660_oWhich horse will I show?

Riders who bring their own horse/pony to camp may show them if they choose.

Otherwise, we choose horses/ponies to bring based on their experience and ability.  In most cases, riders will be sharing horses and riding in different divisions/classes.  This makes it possible for us to bring all riders wishing to participate, as well as helping camp families keep the costs down by sharing fees for braiding and shipping.

So, please understand that while you may not be showing your assigned camp horse/pony, we will make sure that you are mounted upon a suitable match for the away horse show!

  • What level will I be showing at?

It is important to understand that if you are not showing your own horse/pony, you will be entered in classes that will likely be a level or two below where you compete normally.

This is in consideration of several factors:  first, you are on a horse with whom you have not been training with for months, as you would at “home”.  Secondly, you are with an unfamiliar trainer in an unfamiliar setting.  

We want everyone to be safe and have a positive, fun experience, it’s important to keep these variables in mind.  We adopt the IEA rules and philosophy to the Pony Farm Show Team.  If you are unfamiliar with IEA, you can read more about it here:  www.rideiea.org

Essentially, the nature of IEA competitions are similar to what we will encounter, and they stress the importance of competing at a lower level than the rider is capable of under ideal circumstances.

  • What special equipment will I need?13975516_10155162533174251_2645909037925757626_o

In order to participate in the show team, you will need:

* We do have some items that are available to be borrowed.  Please contact Andi (asnow@touchstone-farm.org) in regards to what is available and make arrangements.)

  • Tan or beige breeches or jodhpurs
  • An appropriate and well fitted hunt coat/jacket
  • A show shirt with a choker/collar
  • Tall boots (black) OR paddock boots with matching garter straps
  • A black helmet or helmet with a black cover
  • Hair nets or Hair bows if wearing braids
  • A belt

13923237_10155162527019251_6941400047207740613_o2017 Pony Farm Away Show Team Schedule

Session 1   Saturday June 24, NHHJA at Senator Bell Farm in Chester, NH ( Please note that you will need to pick up your camper at the show, as this is the closing Saturday of session 1.)
Session 2   Wednesday June 28 Furnace Brook Farm in New Ipswich, NH
Session 3   Wednesday July 19 Furnace Brook Farm in New Ipswich, NH
Session 4   Wednesday August 2 Furance Brook Farm in New Ipswich, NH
Session 5A  **No Away Horse Show**
Session 5B Wednesday August 16 Furnace Brook Farm in New Ipswich, NH