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Fun with Our Horses

PFatpondwithhorsestrim.jpgPony Farm horses and ponies know how to have a good time.


In addition to lessons and horse shows, here are some of the other activities that campers and horses enjoy.








Take a vaulting lesson with Pam Falkins and the amazing Avalon.


Vaulting is every bit as awesome as it looks!




Gymkhana refers to all kinds of games played while on horseback.



"Don't Spill the Water"



Getting Ready for "Musical Stalls"


Exit the Ring


Quiet country roads and friendly neighbors make for wonderful trail rides along the back roads, woodland trails, and through fields, orchards, and pastures of nearby properties.



Enjoying a Shady Ride on a Hot Afternoon



A Ride with a View


Swim with the Horses


Need we say more?



Roxy Loves to Swim



Equine Manager Andi Oxier Gives Peter Pan His Swimming Test
(He passed with flying colors!)


Take the Minis for a Swim


Our miniature horses and Dunkin the mini donkey love a good cooling off as much as the next pony.



Punch takes a splash in the creek


Pony Spa


A hard-working pony deserves a luxurious wash and groom.



Gruffy Gets the Spa Treatment


Pony Dress-up Day


Yup, it's a thing.



Blueberry takes one for the team.


Carriage Driving


Take a carriage ride in the ring or on the quiet roads around the farm. Try your hand at the reins -- you'll never find a more enthusiastic instructor than our Executive Director, Boo Martin!


Gretta and Friends Go for a Spin



Driving the Back Roads


Camp Out with the Horses


Yes, our horses and ponies like to ride, drive, dress up, swim, play games, and camp out!


No City Slickers Here!


Kiss a Sleepy Pony


That goes without saying, don't you think?



Because ... ponies!


You can see a sample of the schedules for a (somewhat) typical day at Pony Farm and a typical week schedule here.