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You are here: Home Pony Farm Summer Camp Policies and What to Pack

Policies and What to Pack

PFintothepool.JPGThe following camp policies are based on long experience of what works best to make camp sessions safe, fun, and harmonious for everyone. We respectfully ask that you and your camper be familiar with these policies.


  • Medications: We have a nurse on staff who visits camp every day and a doctor on call at all times. If your child takes prescription medications, staff will collect them on the day she arrives. They will be dispensed by the staff according to your doctor’s instructions. We have basic over the counter medications (Advil, Benadryl, etc.) here at camp so you do not need to send these things with your daughter. We do recommend that you pack plenty of sun block and bug repellant (it is summer in New Hampshire, after all).
  • Phone calls: Please keep in mind that it is an important part of the camp experience for your children to be on their own and have a feeling of independence. Having said that, we ask that you do not call during your child’s first week at camp (unless of course there is an emergency situation), and that you limit your calls to one a week after that and keep them short and sweet. Please be patient when calling: we are outside enjoying the weather and the ponies and are not always right next to the phone. If you leave a message, we or your child will call you as soon as we can.
  • PLEASE do not send cell phones. Your child will have access to the farm phone. We need to know if they are calling you or their friends so that we can support them in any way needed. If you are uncomfortable with this arrangement, please let us know before your arrival.
  • iPads, laptops, and other electronics: We discourage the use of iPads, Nooks, Kindles, and electronic devices at camp.  We ENCOURAGE a different kind of connection - with each other, the horses and animals, the outdoors and nature.  Help us make camp a terrific "unplugged" experience for your daughter. “Enjoy camp - plug into PONY FARM!”
  • Lost and found: When there are this many children in one place, items may get lost despite our best efforts. We have found that marking your camper's belongings is the best way to keep them from getting lost or mixed up with other campers items. Helmets, boots, chaps, and other riding gear look very much alike so the better you mark your daughter’s belongings, the better chance they have of staying with your child. We make no guarantees on return of lost items.
  • Spending money: While your campers are at camp they do not need any money*. We keep track of any incidental expenses and settle the bill at the end of the session. * If your child is coming to Session 4 you will need to leave some spending cash for the Cheshire Fair ($30—$40 is suggested.) We will collect this on opening day and give it to your camper the day of the fair.
  • Horse shows: The horse shows are an added expense. If your child is coming to one of the sessions with a Touchstone Farm horse show, there is a fee of $75 for the horse show or $100 for the horse show and hunter derby. We will include this your end of session bill. (No one is required to show and there is no pressure to do so. Campers who choose not to compete have a blast helping and watching the fun. Just let us know if your child and you prefer not to show.)
  • Candy: We ask that campers leave their candy and other edible treats at home and that you do not send them to campers. We have a snack every day that consists of a sweet goodie so no one will die from sugar withdrawal! Sweets sent to campers will be taken and kept until campers leave. We have found over the years that candy in the rooms leads to bugs and arguments. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.


What to Bring


Click here (PDF) to download a list of required and suggested items for your camper to bring with her.


Please mark all your camper's items with her name.