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Pony Farm Philosophy


PFBFFsinOC.JPGAt Pony Farm Summer Camp, we believe riding and horsemanship are not ends in themselves, but a means to a larger goal. Life experiences interwoven with animals, the beauty of the land, and a caring community of people can foster qualities and skills that are not ‘taught’ anywhere else.


Our camp program is designed to:


  • Provide a safe home away from homecopy_of_PFgrrrlpower.JPG
  • Enhance the love of horses through the teaching of riding and stable management
  • Increase self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Encourage self-growth
  • Promote a sense of achievement through skill mastery
  • Explore our responsibilities to care for other living things and the earth
  • Foster independence, healthy self-assertion, and resistance to negative forms of peer pressure
  • Enhance the ability to live as a contributing member of a group
  • Provide a respite from the pressure of school grades and growing up too fast
  • Enjoy our time together, coming away feeling refreshed and renewed!