Sponsors have a valuable role to play in underwriting the costs of hosting each event and keeping it affordable for attendees. In turn, sponsors receive considerable exposure on our website, in social media, and in the event program. We have multiple sponsorship opportunities so that you can contribute at the level that is best for you.
To become a sponsor, select a sponsorship opportunity.

Sponsorship Opportunities

$1,000+ — LEAD SPONSOR Fall ADS Recreational Drive
$500 —  Sponsor BBQ for Fall Recreational Drive
$250 —  Sponsor Picnic Lunch for Recreation Drive
$150 —  Opening Reception for HDT or ADTS
$100 —  Sponsor an entry fee for a junior or veteran
$75 —    Sponsor a division for HDT or ADTS
$50 —    Sponsor ribbons and trophies for HDT/ ADTS


Additional Information

Sponsorship amount

$100.00, $1000.00, $250.00, $50.00, $500.00