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Spring 2014: A Look Over the Fence



In this issue ...

The Power of Organic Growth

Message from Boo

Pony Farm: There and Back Again

Touchstone Farm by the Numbers

The "Cast" of Frozen!

Getting Back to Summer


The Power of Organic Growth
A letter from Shilo Porter, Touchstone Board President

camper2012trim.jpgSpring has sprung and summer is upon us here in southern New Hampshire, and you can see lots of growth happening at Touchstone Farm. In February, Nancy Cook, who has been President of the Touchstone Board of Directors for the past three years, stepped down to concentrate her passion for program development by chairing our newly formed Program Development committee. We are grateful to Nancy for her leadership over the last few years as we have transitioned several independent businesses into an umbrella non-profit organization now known as Touchstone Farm.

I am excited to assume the reins of leadership from Nancy as Board Chair, having worked with her and Boo for some 25 years (Yikes!) when Boo first told us of her dream to start a therapeutic riding program. Horse Power, as that program is now known, is one of 4 successful programs under Touchstone Farm, whose mission is “through engaging with horses…. and the land itself (we) provide transformative opportunities which positively change lives.”

Our farm continues to grow and evolve. What delights me is how organic the growth is. Over the last few years, the number of sessions and events we run at the farm has mushroomed. In the process, the farm staff, several of whom have been with us for many years, has grown from within, personally and professionally. Each has risen to successfully tackling the increasing number and level of tasks involved with caring for the well-being of the farm’s animals, friends, volunteers, riders, drivers and campers.

And our Board of Directors has evolved. Recognizing and accepting the fiscal and strategic responsibilities of leading a non-for profit organization, we now have structures and policies in place that didn’t exist a few years ago, and have matured into a fully functioning governing board.

Where once there was a Founder’s dream, there is now an entire team of dedicated people who are exceptional at what they do, be it equine management, farm management, program development, financial management, strategic planning and even keeping everyone well fed!

As Touchstone continues to evolve, we envision exciting new programs and services while remaining deeply committed to those we know and so many love. The signs of spring surround us literally and metaphorically --- it’s an exciting time.

Organic growth is a powerful force. On behalf of the Board of Directors and the Touchstone team, I invite you to come visit us and see how the farm is making dreams come true --- today and into the future.

Shilo Porter, Board President


Message from Boo




Pony Farm: There and Back Again




Touchstone Farm by the Numbers




The "Cast" of Frozen at Touchstone Farm!


Jordanreadyforbarnchores.jpgWinter 2013 arrived early and threw its weight around well into April with extreme cold, ice everywhere, relentless wind, and plenty of snow. We are so grateful for our dedicated barn and equine staff who make sure the animals are  safe, healthy, well fed, and warm every day.


Jordan, Andi, Dawn, Derek, Chelsea, Mercedes, Jess, Allison, Kris, Ian, Bradley … you are our heroes!




Summer at Last


PFJuliaswimmingwithhorse.JPGAnd now, back to summer! We are counting the minutes until Pony Farm Summer Camp and our new Day Camp at Touchstone Farm begin. In both our camps we look forward to the arrival of returning friends and the "friends we haven't met yet."


We still have openings in some sessions of both camps, so click the links to the left to find out more.


As always, we'll be posting about all our fun, happy, silly, and exciting activities on our Facebook page all summer long. "Like" us there, and get all the news as it happens.