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Horse Power for Business Executives and Leadership Development

Join us at historic Touchstone Farm for your next Corporate Retreat or Team Building event!  Situated on a rustic New England farm, surrounded by horses, farm animals, gardens, and the land itself, this idyllic setting offers a no-frills environment for a unique way to encourage collaboration. Using PATH Intl. and EAGALA’s equine-based techniques, Touchstone Farm has developed a unique and powerful experience for professional teams and workgroups.  No equine experience is necessary!

Bring life to your corporate vision and mission using Touchstone Farm’s professionally certified instructors, our large string of safe and well-trained horses, this will be the perfect unique experience for your next Corporate Retreat or Summit. Our equine-guided workshops are personalized to fit your organizations goals, allowing all members to find common ground and improve not only individually but as a whole.

Why Horses?

Equines are completely honest creatures with a powerful ability to “mirror” humans. As a prey animal, their intuitive, gentle, and patient nature helps to build confidence and establish trust with humans to create a bonding effect necessary in accomplishing goals.  Individuals tend to be more accepting of feedback from horses and can makes adjustments to their behaviors and reactions in order to reach a common goal. There is a shared level of vulnerability that permeates the group and from that exposure positive outcomes are achieved!

Thank you so much. I loved every minute of it. Our group was inspired on so many levels!”

Improvements Using Equine-Assisted Team Building:

  • Uncover Strategies and Tactics
  • Professional Relationship Development
  • Overcome Workplace Obstacles
  • Gain Confidence, Authenticity, and Clarity
  • Identify Leadership Talent
  • Personal and Professional Empowerment

Outcomes and Expectations

Discover unique team dynamics, building upon them while learning to value each team member. The resulting improved performance, cooperation, and communication within the workgroup has a lasting impact after the retreat. As your team navigates through challenges and obstacles, we will identify strengths and weaknesses within the group; partnering with horses lets newfound energy and attitudes transcend into the workplace.  Ours is a fun, yet challenging one-of-a-kind learning experience that promotes cooperation and increases motivation while achieving a common goal!

Equine-Assisted Leadership Development Outcomes:

  • Unification and Collaboration
  • Creative Problem-Solving Techniques
  • Open-Mindedness and Improved Morale
  • Increase Trust and Accountability
  • Enhanced Workplace Relationships


  • Use of the Homestead for its historic inn atmosphere; we can sleep 8-10 adults
  • Use of the Stepping Stone Lodge; sleeps larger groups of over 20 adults
  • Use of our staff and commercial grade kitchen is available for meals at an additional fee
  • Scenic outdoor Fire-Pit for casual after hour gatherings

PLEASE Contact Michelle below for Group Needs and Pricing!

Call Michelle Lowe (603) 654-6308 x111 or email:  for pricing and schedule availability.