A HUGE “Thank You” to our Strategic Partners Who Help Make Our Magic Happen!

With over 150 children identified as suffering life changing traumatic events in the region, Touchstone Farm has reached out to the following strategic partners  to help cover the cost of our new middle school youth program, “Moving Forward Together”.

Our Moving Forward Together program is an evidence-based personal empowerment program for at-risk middle school-aged children in the Monadnock region. This program is a direct result of the urgent need to improve the lives of children in our community impacted by the opioid epidemic, the loss or deployment of a parent, or other tragic situations; including violence, bullying, and sexual abuse.

Our program focuses on positive reinforcement, mutual respect, and establishing healthy relationships.  Our 2018 trial results were measured and incredibly positive.  All children significantly reduced their level of seeking negative attention and remained focused with higher levels of confidence.

Teacher comments were as follows:

  • The student is more engaged, has an improved attitude and overtly contributory in class.
  • I have seen an improvement in focus, work completion and quality of work over the past month since taking lessons at Touchstone Farm.
  • When one student missed 90 days of school the previous year and ONLY 10 days of school this year, the principal asked, “What made the difference?”  And the student replied, “I get to See work with the horses now!”
  • Her math grade had slipped to a C-/D last year; now she is on track with a B.
  • Superior effort! He did his best work yet in science class today!
  • The principal and teachers stated that all six students saw improved focus and learning in the classroom, plus emotional healing!

We help the children manage their emotional burdens by providing a supportive environment outside of school that has a direct impact for positive results inside the classroom leading to a brighter future.

We intend to see that children affected by the loss of a parent or traumatic events continue on a positive path and become successful adults in our community despite their tragic past.