Touchstone Farm is proud to announce…….

A collaborative partnership with The Red Sox Foundation, Home Base, and Massachusetts General Hospital

to provide a wonderful respite weekend to service members and their guests.

Home Base, a Red Sox Foundation and Massachusetts General Hospital Program, is a National Center of Excellence and the first largest private-sector clinic in the nation dedicated to healing invisible wounds.

Touchstone Farm’s Role with Veterans

The Touchstone team welcomes veterans from all eras. We also welcome families of veterans as well as trusted support members and friends.

Veterans find their way to the farm through various avenues:

Our team is comprised of nationally certified instructors, well-trained volunteers, and an extensive equestrian facility. We are proud to offer an excellent variety of safe, fun and satisfying experiences with horses for our deserving veterans. We also have a variety of smaller horses, ponies and farm animals for veterans and their families to enjoy when not riding. Our team has worked hard to gather appropriate horses, equipment, and facilities to accommodate all ages and abilities.

Touchstone Farm’s Veteras Programs

A community of veterans who work with civilian counselors, equine professionals, and horses trained to work with veterans and their families. This program encourages and empowers veterans to:

  • Overcome obstacles
  • Re-establish bonds
  • Learn to trust again
  • Reintegrate into civilian life

Participants can:

  • Attend weekday and weekend programs that accommodate work schedules
  • Connect with veterans who have “been there, done that” too
  • Team up with our horses in the proven therapy of equine-facilitated psychotherapy (EFP)
  • Re-energize with physical activities such as carriage driving and horseback riding
  • Bring family to special programs to help veterans reconnect with their loved ones
  • Relax in the peace and beauty of our 28-acre farm in Temple, NH (just 90 mins. from Boston)
veteran carriage driving

PATH International Equine Services for Heroes assists military veterans through services provided by PATH Intl. members and by providing leadership and guidance for equine assisted activities and therapies.

For more information on our veterans programs please contact:

Main phone: 603.654.6308 x103

Kris Young, Executive Director: