At Pony Farm, no two days or weeks are exactly alike. We tailor the camp experience to the campers who attend each session. During their first evening at camp, the campers participate in get-to-know-you games and activities. In addition to riding and more fun with the horses, we offer many other activities during each one or two week session, including:

  • Gymkhana – Gymkhana refers to all kinds of games played while on horseback.
  • Exit the Ring – Quiet country roads and friendly neighbors make for wonderful trail rides along the back roads, woodland trails, and through fields, orchards, and pastures of nearby properties.
  • Take the Minis for a Swim – Our miniature horses and Dunkin the mini donkey love a good cooling off as much as the next pony.
  • Pony Spa – A hard-working pony deserves a luxurious wash and groom.
  • Pony Dress-up Day – Yup, it’s a thing.
  • Carriage Driving – Take a carriage ride in the ring or on the quiet roads around the farm. Try your hand at the reins!

Not everything that happens at Pony Farm happens on a horse. Each session is packed with games, friendly contests, and other activities for campers to choose.

  • Hanging out with our small farm animals, including Dunkin the mini donkey, Kiwi, Bates, and Moseley the goats, and our sheep, chickens, and mini-horses
  • Swimming at a local park or waterfall
  • Games (lawn and tabletop)
  • Trips to summer fairs, berry picking, or out to the famous Connolly’s Dairy Farm!
  • Arts and crafts
  • Singing, storytelling, games, and skits
  • Talent show

Special “only at Pony Farm” activities …

  • Pony Tales Game
  • Counselor Quest
  • Pony Farm’s Next Top Model
  • Personal Scavenger Hunt (Trivia Night)