Hunter Jumper

All riders must wear an ASTM approved riding helmet for every ride. We have some helmets available for our beginning riders. Once a rider is committed, we strongly encourage purchasing one’s own helmet to insure individual correct fit.

Riders should dress in loosely fitting pants and a shoe or boot with a heel for beginner lessons. As our students progress through the ranks, we encourage correct attire for riding.

Carriage Driving:

By taking lessons with us, you can enjoy a consistent time to practice your harnessing, putting to, driving skills, and unhitching abilities so that YOU can independently drive with a friend or spouse safely and successfully. You will learn:

  • Harnessing basics (hitching and unhitching) and the function of harness parts
  • “Putting to” a vehicle and driving different types of vehicles
  • Vehicle safety
  • Driving safety
  • Correct entry into a vehicle
  • Emergency procedures

Depending on students’ interests and skills, lessons may also include dressage, cones, obstacles and driving for pleasure down the road. An optional goal for all lessons is to gear up for participating in clinics and driving events offered at the farm throughout the year.

Students in our driving program have come to us if:

  • Love to carriage drive and can’t get enough!
  • Want to improve your carriage driving skills.
  • Want to be more comfortable with harnessing.
  • Want to experience driving a variety of horses and vehicles.
  • Want to take the level I or II CAA Driver Proficiency Program.
  • Want some help prepping for your first Arena Driving Trial.
  • Want to know more about the National driving world.
  • Want to be “literate” about carriages and harnesses.

Please call or E-mail Kris Young for scheduling a lesson: 603.654.6308 or

Driving Lesson Rates: CALL FOR PRICING

Lessons are with Touchstone Farm vehicles and with Touchstone horses or ponies, and the cost of these are included in the lesson rate.

Lessons are offered in pairs of two with a maximum of two horse and four students.

Harnessing Lesson – Rein Board/Ground Driving Only – 1 hour

  • Private Lessons
  • Semi-Private Lessons

Driving Lesson with Our Horse – 1 hour

  • Private lessons
  • Semi-Private lessons (by permission only to ensure the safe driving of two turnouts in one lesson)

Safety Support Person to drive with a student driver to practice either in the ring or down the road (when the student is proficient in driving without the instructor)

  • One hour
  • Half hour