In any business, staff expenses can often be the largest operational cost. When your staff needs to eat 24/7, needs new shoes every 6 weeks, frequent doctor visits, and full-time babysitters, those expenses add up quick! Therefore, we’d like to introduce you to and ask for your help supporting our new Adopt-A-Horse program.


  • BRONZE: Donate $25/month ($300 one time) and receive a sticker, a water bottle, and a certificate
  • SILVER: Donate $50/month ($600 one time) and receive a sticker, a lunch tote, and a certificate
  • GOLD: Donate $100/month ($1200 one time) and receive two stickers, two water bottles, a lunch tote, a personalized note from your horse, and a certificate.


Step 1: Determine which adoption level is right for you and how many horses you would like to sponsor at that level (Gold, Silver or Bronze).

Step 2: Check out here, enter your total donation amount and select the horse(s) you want to adopt.

Please note: Adoptions are not exclusive, meaning that more than one donor can “adopt” a horse at a time. All funds received will be used solely to support our entire herd of four legged and small farm animal employees.

Step 3: Once your donation is processed, be on the look out for your gifts to arrive in the mail, acknowledging your donation!

Sustainable giving is the type of giving that helps most to ensure care of our animals throughout the year and keep them happy and healthy to safely bring joy to all those that have the pleasure of working with them.

Please help us by adopting a horse (or mini, goat, sheep, or chicken) today. We truly appreciate all your support!