*We are monitoring Covid-19 protocols with ACA guidelines and will update with formal policies as we get closer to Camp 2023*

We respectfully ask that you and your camper be familiar with these policies.

  • COVID Testing: COVID testing will apply only if a camper is showing symptoms. Testing, if neccessary, will be administered by our camp nurse, via a nasal swab. If a camper tests positive, we will work with parents on next steps, including if an alternate session can be accomodated. We are unable to offer a refund if an alternate session cannot be determined. Therefore it is recommended to limit contact with others 1-2 weeks before arriving for camp. Additionaly, masking is not required, but any camper or staff can choose to wear one if they feel more comfortable.
  • Prescription Medications: We have a nurse who lives on site at the Barabar C. Harris facility. A doctor is on call at all times. If your child takes prescription medications, the camp nurse will collect them on the day she arrives. They will be dispensed by the nurse or senior staff according to your doctor’s instructions. Please send the medications in the prescription bottles and ensure that the medications – especially inhalers – are not expired. Medications not in their original containers will not be accepted.  
  • Over the Counter Medications: We have basic over the counter medications (Advil, Benadryl, etc.) here at camp, so you do not need to send them. We do recommend that you pack plenty of sunblock and bug repellent (It is summer in New Hampshire, after all.).
  • Phone calls: Please keep in mind that it is an important part of the camp experience for your camper to be on her own and have a feeling of independence. We ask that you do not call during your child’s first week at camp (unless of course there is an emergency situation).  Please be patient when calling: we are outside enjoying the weather and the ponies and are not always right next to the phone. If you leave a message, a staff member will call you as soon as we can.
  • Contacting you in case of injury or illness: In the unlikely event of your child’s having an injury or illness, we will contact you promptly at the emergency contact phone number you provided in your camp forms.
  • iPads, laptops, and other electronics: The use of iPads, Cellphones, Nooks, Kindles, and electronic devices at camp is prohibited.  We ENCOURAGE a different kind of connection – with each other, the horses and other animals, the outdoors and nature.  Help us make camp a terrific “unplugged” experience for your daughter. “Enjoy camp – plug into PONY FARM!” PLEASE DO NOT SEND CELL PHONES.
  • Cell phones: Sending a cell phone to camp is prohibited.  Cell Phones will be confiscated if discovered and returned on the closing day of your daughter’s session.  Parents, please note that part of sending your daughter to camp is so they can become advocates for themselves.  Advocacy is a very important skill especially in this day and age for women.  If a cell phone is present, it is like a crutch, campers will use it and not develop the skill of advocacy or allow the skill of advocacy to reach it’s potential. 
  • Lost and found: When there are this many children in one place, items may get lost despite our best efforts. We have found that marking your camper’s belongings is the best way to keep them from getting lost or mixed up with other campers’ items. Helmets, boots, chaps, and other riding gear look very much alike. The better you mark your camper’s belongings, the better chance they have of staying with her. We make no guarantees on return of lost items.  If we do discover your lost items, we are happy to ship them back to you.  You will need to reimburse camp a minimum of $15 for returned items.
  • Spending money: While your camper is at camp she does not need any money. We keep track of any incidental expenses and settle the bill at the end of the session. 
  • Candy and food treats: We ask that campers leave candy and other edible treats at home and that you do not send them to campers. This helps avoid the potential for bugs to join us! We have a snack every day at camp store, dessert every night at dinner, and fresh fruit is available all day long. Sweets sent to campers will be taken and returned on the closing day of camp. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.
  • Pony Farm is a girls camp:  By definition, we warmly welcome all age appropriate campers identifying as female.
  • Contacting your camper: Keeping camp families up to date is very important to us.  Our Camp Director is available through out the summer to speak to you about your camper and her experience at camp.
    • You can write an email, traditional letter, or send a package to your camper. We deliver mail to their room every day but Sunday.
      • Email: We print them off daily and put them in your camper’s rooms mailbox. Please note that your camper can’t email you back. Send your email with their name included, to camp@touchstone-farm.org
      • Traditional letter or package: Remember no food or candy please.  Packages are opened by your camper in front of the staff. Send it to your camper’s attention at our main address: Touchstone Farm,  233 Old Temple Road, Lyndeborough, NH 03082
    • You can also stay up to date by checking our our social media pages (Facebook or Instagram).