Meet The Animals, Our Co-Workers


Draft X gelding

This stocky fella is owned by our driving instructor George Stolz. He is mostly used for driving lessons (or veterans driving) nowadays, but you might see him being ridden by some of our intermediate/advanced riders. Angus loves any kind of attention especially if there is food involved!


Welsh pony X gelding

Blue has been with the farm since 2005. He is a pony who loves to work. You can find him doing his favorite thing, driving! He is also one of our super star camp horses, who will jump anything in his way. Blue is great at his job but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t get into trouble! If you can’t find him in his stall or his paddock, just go to the closest patch of grass and there’ll he will be!


Quarter Horse/Morgan X mare

Bonnie is one of our TSF rockstars. She is known for her quiet, sweet, always willing to please personality. Bonnie is used for beginner/intermediate lessons, horse power lessons, and in the summer, all levels of camp riders.


Welsh Cob Gelding

Buster is one of the sweetest horses you will meet. He is used for our beginner to intermediate students, Horse Power lessons, and our camp. Previously, Buster was also a part of driving lessons.  He loves any kind of attention and will definitely let you know when you get the right scratch spot- his favorite thing in the entire world is to be groomed and scratched!  This lovable guy can’t wait to see you soon!


Quarter Horse X gelding

Cassidy is another one of our Premarins. He is a favorite here. Anyone who’s ridden him will know why. This guy has come a long way and is now one of our most versatile horses. From doing therapeutic and veterans riding, to summer camp and intermediate-advanced lessons. His passion is to jump and he has taught many kids how to be confident in the ring.  He’s also extremely handsome… I mean just look at him!

Chance (Take a Chance)

Quarter Horse X mare

Chance came to the farm spring 2023. She came to us just for summer camp and we fell in love with her. She is quiet and sweet but will give you some of that mare sass every now and again. She is currently in training for not only therapeutic riding but also driving!!! Keep an eye out for her as she continues to settle into the tsf family.


Arabian gelding

Fluffy came to the farm as a summer lease in spring 2023. He is the type of horse that you can’t help but love. He won us over with his big personality, curiosity, and his willingness to do anything you ask. Since camp has been doing some lessons, including therapeutic lessons!  Fluffy loves to sleep, eat, and play with water!


Grade Pony gelding

Freddie is a 2023 addition to the farm. He is owned by Kris Young and is here to do some of our peanuts on ponies! He has a curious personality and isn’t fazed by anything. He’s a tiny guy but he sure has a big appetite!!


Welsh Pony X Mare

Gracie, also known as Woodlands Amazing Grace is a very fancy gal! She was bred and raised to be a cute little show pony with her brother Dallas. After being down south, the two came here, up to Touchstone. Gracie is perfect for intermediate riders; she likes to walk, trot, canter, and even do some small jumps. She loves spending her time with Kiddo and her brother!


Welsh pony mare

Gretta, short for “Winfall’s Egretta”, is a Touchstone Farm classic!! It seems like everyone knows and loves Gretta and probably rode her in their first year at camp! She is used for Touchstone riding lessons, Peanuts on Ponies, Driving lessons and Pony Farm. She is used for beginner to intermediate riders and drivers.…  She is the cutest, smallest little pony… essentially a teddy bear in a pony’s body!


Quarter horse gelding

Gretsky has been at the farm for over 10 years. He is used primarily for Touchstone lessons, Horse Power lessons, and the veteran program. He is used for beginner to intermediate riders. This handsome boy is laid-back and takes great care of his Horse Power riders, and our mothers at Mother-Daughter weekends! He also loves to swim with our Pony Farm campers!


Quarter Horse X gelding

Hootie here is one of our 2 Premarins. He is a sweet soul who is a little bit confused when it comes to being asked to do more than walk/trot riding :). He is a star for our beginner riders, veterans, parents, and Horse Power program! He is cool, calm, and collected, and as patient as they come!


Welsh Pony gelding

Kiddo is a favorite for everyone, a friendly gelding that loves to jump, canter, and play, he will surely find a place in everyone’s heart. As an intermediate to advanced pony, he is perfect for students learning to jump higher and do more complicated commands. Besides being in lessons, he loves to play with his friends Prince, Jax, and Gracie!


Welsh Cob pony gelding

Marengo has a lot of personality and can definitely have attitude, but we love him!! He is used for intermediate to advanced riders in Touchstone lessons and Pony Farm Summer Camp. Campers that ride Marengo no doubt fall in love with him, and he teaches them a lot too!


Welsh X pony gelding

Oh Mickey you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind… hey Mickey! 🙂 Mickey Mouse here was born in 2004 and is as cute as they come. He’s been an excellent addition to Touchstone Farm in our lesson program and summer camp. He is used for intermediate to advanced riders, is pretty push-button and loves to trek around the ring and pop over a course!


Percheron/Appaloosa mare

Midnight is popularly known as our “Secret Appaloosa” on the farm, because of her dark coat and lack of spots.  She is typically used for beginner to intermediate riders throughout the summer, but has become a staple in Horse Power and our Veterans program during the off season.  This big girl loves attention so don’t be shy!  She would love to meet you, and the treats in your pockets!


Halflinger gelding

Mike has been at the farm for many years. He is Mr. Personality and loves to give kisses!! He only has one-eye (due to an infeciton), but that doesn’t stop him! He is used primarily for driving lessons, Horse Power lessons, and our veterans program. He is used for beginner to advanced drivers. He’s a sweet guy who loves to please!

Missy B

Welsh X pony mare

Miss Behavin’ (known as Missy B around here!) is exactly that – always behaving!! She is as sweet as can be and is used in Touchstone Farm lessons and Pony Farm Summer Camp. She was a more intermediate ride, but as time has gone on, she is now perfectly suited for beginner (walk/trot) riders. She’s a great medium size and takes amazing care of her riders!


Shetland pony mare

The cutest little pony you ever did see… Peaches has been at the farm for over 15 years. She is used primarily for Peanuts on Ponies. In the past, she was a part of Pony Farm and driving lessons! Peaches has always been a farm favorite …even adults cannot resist her adorable face and personality.


Grade gelding

Prince was leased in for the summers until our executive director, Kris, decided to buy him and free-lease him to the farm year-round in 2019. Excellent choice as he’s a fun guy who’s come a long way with the consistent work. He is used in TSF lessons and Pony Farm for intermediate riders who are cantering and working on small courses!



Redford came to us for summer 2023 and we decided to extend his stay here! Redford’s quiet sweet personality is perfect for therapeutic lessons and our veterans program.


Welsh X gelding

Simon is naughty… but in the best way possible… he makes everyone laugh!! He has the most personality of any horse on the farm and is goofy! He is our escape artist – getting out of multiple fields, stalls, and ties. However, when being ridden, he’s a great boy!! He is used for intermediate to advanced rides and loves to run around and jump.


Dales Pony gelding

Wallace joined Touchstone in 2022 and is broke to drive. He is a part of our Driving program- for lessons, camp, and therapeutic purposes. He loves treats and sniffing around pockets so if you meet this cutie, come prepared! 🙂


Miniature Donkey

Duncan is a favorite because, how could he not be!? He’s miniature in size in everything except his ears… he loves to greet visitors at the fence with a small braying and accept any and all treats from them. He is excellent for going on walks with or for some good ol’ cuddling.


Miniature Horse

Punch is a Touchstone Farm classic – he’s been around for what feels like centuries! 😉 He is an old guy though- born in 1995, but hasn’t lost any personality! He is trained to drive, but hasn’t done that in awhile. He spends his time now munching away in the Small Animal field and going on walks with campers, parents, and veterans. He loves to lay down in a cool creek in the hot summer!


Miniature Horse

Frodo joined the farm in 2019 and has been a very welcomed addition! He is shy at first and doesn’t like too much chaos, but he is sweet and will run around with campers as they lead him over teeny, tiny crossrails! He also enjoys going for walks during camp or in our veterans program.

Our Sheep, Morgan

Our Goats – Kiwi…

…and Bates & Moseley! 

Our Cluckstone Farm Chickens!