Please mark all your camper’s items (and all her horse’s items) with her full name.

Lost and found:When there are this many children in one place, items may get lost despite our best efforts. We have found that marking your camper’s belongings is the best way to keep them from getting lost or mixed up with other campers’ items. Helmets, boots, chaps, and other riding gear look very much alike. The better you mark your camper’s belongings, the better chance they have of staying with her. We make no guarantees on return of lost items.

We offer laundry services for campers staying 2+ weeks, but having more than enough clothes for a full 2 week session is imperative! (Emergency laundering is of course available!)

A downloadable PACKING LIST for CAMPERS in (PDF)

A downloadable packing list if you are bringing your horse or pony to camp with you is here: