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Boo Martin, Executive Director of Touchstone Farm and Carriage Driving Program Lead  

If you would like to contact Boo, please e-mail her at If it’s best for you to call, her cell phone is: 603.321.5255


23rd:              Touchstone Farm Schooling Arena Driving Trial, Competition – save your spot -enter now. Entry fee: $65.00 Mark your calendars now so that you can register in time.  This has proven to be a very popular ADT as it is early enough in the spring to offer a first time out for us Northerners, while late enough to have good footing and parking. Here is your opportunity to try your skills in friendly competition. Divisions for Maiden Drivers, Green Horses, Youth and Drivers with Disabilities.  Ribbons galore with lots of safety support and helpful suggestions. Touchstone Farm turn-outs available for rent with on-site stabling.

For more information, please email Susan Koso at or call: 978.561.1735 for more details about the ADT.  If you want to rent a turnout of horse/pony, carriage and Safety Support person, please contact Boo Martin at; for overnight lodging information contact: Sign up today because these ADT spots go quickly!

26th:           Touchstone Farm Driving Club 2nd 2017 Potluck – Potluck Dinners are from 6 to 8:30PM . The dinners will be held at 305 Webster Highway in Temple at Boo Martin’s house which is called Tree Tops. Please email Boo for more information and what you can bring at The more, the merrier!


8th-12th:       Touchstone Farm Driving Immersion Week (Click Here to Download REGISTRATION FORM)– your chance to practice, practice, practice! Entry Fee: $500.00 per person.  SCHEDULE and CLINICIANS BIOS HERE

*Individuals brand new to driving who want to get the right start to this great sport

*Individuals who love driving but do not have their own horse or equipment

*Individuals who have a disability and want to experience the fun & freedom of driving

*Individuals who want to have a fun week with their own horse & enjoy the facilities and clinicians of Touchstone Farm

*Individuals who want to prepare for the PATH Therapeutic Driving Instructor Certification

*Individuals who want to prepare for the Level 1 or 2 of the CAA Driver Proficiency

*Individuals who want to drive down the country dirt roads and see the scenery

*Individuals who want to practice and get instruction to prepare for their first driving competition

Touchstone has the staff, clinicians, experience, facilities, equipment, lesson horses & ponies, a wide variety of harnesses and horses and the DESIRE to make this week truly a special experience for YOU!!!  Sessions and instruction will be split up so that we can meet individual needs and experience levels.

Touchstone Farm reserves the right to change the clinicians or alter the schedule depending on the number of participants’ skill levels and areas of interest.

For more information contact: or Barb Cochrane at bcochrane@touchstone-farm.organd for overnight lodging information contact:

13th:             Schooling Pleasure Driving Show:  Once again, this is a perfect way to step up to test your driving ability and ring presence! Enjoy classes in the ring for turnout, reinsmanship, cones and pleasure.  We will offer a variety of divisions for Junior Drivers, Maiden Voyage, Green Horses and Ponies, and Drivers with Disabilities.  We will have lots of ribbons, fun prizes and a cheering section for you!  Please email Boo Martin at or Barb Cochrane at for more details. Class list to be posted closer to the date so stay tuned! Fee: NYD For overnight lodging information contact:


27th:           Touchstone Farm Driving Club 3rd 2017 Potluck – Potluck Dinners are from 6 to 8:30PM . The dinners will be held at 305 Webster Highway in Temple at Boo Martin’s house which is called Tree Tops. Please email Boo for more information and what you can bring at The more, the merrier!


7th-9th          Touchstone Farm, Columbus Day Weekend Fall Festival of Driving. A one-day pleasure drive with soup & quiche. All GSCA members are welcome! Fee: $50

10th-15th       Touchstone Farm, PATH,Intl. Therapeutic Driving Instructor Workshop & Certification.

The Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship, International (PATH) is the international organization committed to promoting Equine Assisted Activities and Equine Assisted Therapies for individuals with special needs.  This organization provides the professional credentialing for instructors and approves therapeutic horsemanship centers throughout the world.  Touchstone is a PATH Premier Accredited Center with a 100% score in the 2016 accreditation process.  For nearly 30 years, the farm has opened its doors to people of all ages and abilities.  For most of these years, we have offered professional certification opportunities for people who want to learn how to teach in a therapeutic farm setting.

If you have always wanted to teach driving to individuals with disabilities, here is the perfect workshop for you.  A 3 night and day extravaganza of what you need to know to teach people with a full array of challenges in a safe, education, progression of skills while having fun.  Learn how to safely harness, what types of vehicles are right for which disabilities, experience driving a variety of sizes and shapes of equines, while learning how to plan lesson correctly and experience driving a cones course and do a dressage pattern.

Let us help you in a warm and supportive environment to learn the skills necessary to achieve your national certification as a therapeutic driving instructor with PATH. Please note that the PATH Therapeutic Driving Instructor Certification follows this workshop on Friday night Oct. 13th to  Sunday afternoon Oct. 15th.  This workshop is a requirement to attend certification.

Please email Barb Cochrane at for more specific details to register for this workshop and/or certification.  Please email Kris Young at for information on lodging, meals and shared rides from the airport in Manchester, NH. Also, refer to the PATH website at for extensive information about the workshop and certification.

26th:           Touchstone Farm Driving Club 4th and FINAL 2017 Potluck – Potluck Dinners are from 6 to 8:30PM . The dinners will be held at 305 Webster Highway in Temple at Boo Martin’s house which is called Tree Tops. Please email Boo for more information and what you can bring at The more, the merrier!

Barb Cochrane is your PATH, Intl. your Workshop & Certification registration contact.

If you would like to contact Barb, please e-mail:

Lodging Options:

We highly recommend that participants stay right on the farm in our Stepping Stone Lodge which is also the location of all presentations, discussions, and meals. If you would like onsite lodging or have questions about onsite lodging, please call Kris Young at 603-654-6308. or e-mail her at:

  • Sleep in quiet and comfort in the Lodge bedrooms
  • Dine on delicious meals prepared right in the Lodge kitchen
  • Enjoy conversations in the relaxed atmosphere of the Lodge’s great room
  • Take the hassle out of extra travel to and from hotels/restaurants

For other local options of accommodations, please visit the Peterborough Chamber of Commerce website for a full listing.

Travel Options:

Travel to/from Manchester, NH or Boston Logan, MA airports
For transportation to/from the airport, please contact: 603.595.2225
LA Limo in  Wilton, NH (they have worked with Touchstone and know  us)

OR Driving Directions:

NOTE: Touchstone Farm is located in southwest New Hampshire, midway between Nashua and Keene. GPS users, be aware that some GPS systems do not recognize our 13 Pony Farm Lane street address and may not correctly direct you to the farm. If 14 Pony Farm Lane does not register, please use 848 Webster Highway Temple, NH.

American Driving Society, ADS:
Carriage Association of America, CAA:
Granite State Carriage Association:
United States Driving for the Disabled:

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