Touchstone Farm is Partners with the

Renaissance Farm Vaulting Club

Owner/Trainer/Coach: Pam Falkins

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vaulting club

dance and gymnastics on horseback

Equestrian Vaulting is Dance and Gymnastics on a moving horse.  It is truly Beauty in Motion.

The origin of vaulting dates back to Greek and Roman times.  It was a form of warfare to out maneuver their opponents.  It was an Olympic sport up until the 1920’s.  Vaulting promotes self-confidence, coordination, self-esteem, balance and team work.  The vaulting horse has to be sturdy and needs to be able to handle vaulters jumping on, over, and all around the top of them, one, two and three at a time.  It takes 4-5 years to train a competitive ready vaulting horse.

Pam Falkins started the Renaissance Vaulting Club 20 years ago.  She offers her Equestrian Vaulting Program to many Touchstone students, and during our summer camp and special events taking place at the farm. Pam encourages each vaulter to participate in all performances no matter what level and adjust each performance to highlight their strengths.